Facet Joint Arthropathy is another possible source of lower back and cervical pain. The pain is the result of degenerative cartilage located between the joints, arthritis, or the compression of descending nerve roots in the intervertebral foramen. Facet Joint Arthropathy can be diagnosed with an MRI or CT. Facet Joint Arthropathy usually occurs in the elderly population, as a form of arthritis, and rarely occurs from an acute injury. Pain intensifies when sedentary and standing for long periods of time, causing the joints to become stiff, thereby making it difficult to twist and bend.


Treatment for this is moist heating pads, continued mobility, and NSAIDS.  If the pain becomes unbearable, please contact your general practitioner or primary care physician for a referral to a pain management specialist.  Steroid facet injections may be necessary.


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