Knee Pain

People can experience knee pain in several different ways, (knee sprain, torn MCL, LCL, ACL, arthritis, osteoarthritis, trauma from a fall, etc.), and the pain can be from mild to severe (Fig. 1). Effective treatment for mild pain includes NSAIDs, steroid knee injections, rest, ice compressions for 20 minutes four times per day, elevation are effective. If pain continues to persist, an X-ray is necessary, and an MRI or CT may be needed depending on the diagnostic test results, patient’s pain level, and decline in mobility. An orthopedic consult may also be essential.

Sometimes patients will complain of throbbing, achy, tingling, or burning sensations. This is neuropathic pain that is radiating from the L4 nerve root of the lumbar spine that crosses over the knee and travels inside their lower extremities (Fig. 2). A lumbar epidural provided by a pain management specialist will be effective in providing immediate relief.


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